San Francisco Love


A short film about love and dating in San Francisco.

With so many beautiful and educated singles in San Francisco, why is it so hard for people to find love?

We’ve been interviewing all kinds of singles from straight to gay, young and old, Black, White, Asian, Indian, whatever your flavor, we want to learn why our beautiful city has so many challanges when it comes to finding love.

We're currently in preproduction and will be eventually doing a Kickstarter to help support our film. If you are interested in helping out or being interviewed, join our mailing list.

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Ketan Anjaria

Writer & Director

Ketan has been stumbling around dating and writing about dating for years in San Francisco and still hasn’t learned much. This is his first film and he lives in Noe Valley.

Cameron Mark Lewis


Cameron recently directed the short film “Abyss of Being”, and is currently an Associate Producer on the feature film, “Buddy Solitaire". He lives on Treasure Island.

Robert Baldwin


Robert is a producer and writer who lives and loves in the Mission. He is passionate about understanding how people find love in San Francisco.

Andrew Calloway


Andrew is a freelance filmmaker and San Francisco native. He cracked his head open when he was 8.